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Used Car Buying Tips

Check the vehicle's history:

Obtain the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and run a vehicle title history report from one of the following online services: or

What is the vehicle's value?

This service provides trusted information for buying and selling vehicles:

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Driving Tips

Got a teen driver?

Visit this site for safe driving tips and other teen-driving resources for both teens and parents:


Medication Advice

Keep up with your medication:

Do you have trouble remembering whether or not you took your prescription meds or vitamins? These pharmacy dispensing systems will pre-sort and customize your meds into convenient pill packets for your peace of mind: www.dailymedrx.comand

Read the label:

This government agency encourages drivers to read their medicine labels before getting behind the wheel. Some over-the-counter meds may cause drowsiness and other side effect that could interfere with an individual's ability to drive safely:

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Help for Homeowners

Free home inventory:

This website offers free online home inventory software. With secure online storage you'll have peace of mind that your inventory is safe. You can access it anytime, anywhere: