Andrew Watford April/2020

My name is Andre Watford, I just want to share my feelings about Dan Woron and his company. 25 years ago in Port Saint Lucie, when psi was basically a two lane road system I met Dan Woron at his company in Port St. Lucie, I thought it was just another company but I soon learned this was a very different company from all the others. Right from the beginning they showed tremendous professionalism and just general kindness in everything they did through the years I’ve had my ups and downs. Dan Woron’s insurance company with his professional staff have gone over and beyond to help me get through some rough times and keep my business, my home and all my vehicles safe they are truly truly a wonderful company to be associated with once again thank you so much to Dan Woron and his professional team Who also shares his values. Take care, from a very grateful customer.

Stephanie Abbate January/2020

I have owned three houses. And my experience with this insurance agency was better than I have ever had with any other company. A pleasure to meet with Barbie. Everyone was very helpful. They were quick to get me the quote and quick when writing policy..I highly recommend Dan Woron Agency

Marie M September/2019

I have nothing but good things to say about everyone at the Dan Woron Insurance Agency, I had a special issue and Barbie Prem was an expert at helping me through the process. It is obvious that in seeing how my situation was handled that this agency and their personnel are knowledgeable and willing to go then extra mile. Thank you so much. Definitely recommend!

Fabian Leon September/2019

I called multiple auto insurance companies trying to find an affordable rate, before being recommended to Don Woron insurance by another local company who couldn't insure me. The lowest quote i got was more than double what Barbie was able to find me(this is NO lie) at Don Woron. Not only did she find me exactly what i was looking for, Barbie is one of those special people in life that you walk away from after meeting feeling refreshed and blessed. She simply made my needs feel important and understood my situation without having me feel indifferent. Im happy to find Don Woron insurance and meet someone as wonderful as Barbie!!!!! Love Power Respect.

Kimberly Kram August/2019

Dan Woron is my one stop shop every time i need anything! Barbie Prem is the best!!! You literally tell her what you are looking for and your ideal policy and she makes it happen! All the employees there are very respectful, prompt and caring people! I used to use Great Florida but now there is no chance I would ever go back (probably because Barbie isn't there anymore ;)! BEST PART IS THEY SEARCH OVER 40+ COMPANIES FOR THE LOWEST RATES, YOU'RE GUARANTEED TO GET THE CHEAPEST PREMIUM!!

Tate Bowden August/2019

I am a local real estate agent with a client that is a first time home buyer. They had a maximum amount they could spend on insurance. They gave the numbers to Barbie and she made it happen when nobody else in town could. Any real estate agent in this area should recommend Barbie and the agency they are truly professionals that understand how important it is to help their customer. The Job Barbie did was truly amazing.

Kate Ward July/2019

The team at Dan Woron Insurance is the BEST! I send all of my buyers their way, because I know they will get the best service and best rates. Barbie is prompt in getting back quotes and a pleasure to work with. I wouldn't use anyone else!

Cassandra Chan July/2019

Barbi is the best! Saved me a ton on home insurance, and now just saved me $400 on car insurance! This company is great!

Joseph Car July/2019

Great communication with staff. Good price with explained in detail insurance.

Janet Krafft April/2019

Bought Homeowners Ins from Barbie Prem at Woron Agency. She’s so nice to deal with, friendly and knowledgeable. They found us the best deal for our new home and we are very satisfied with both product and service.

Joshua Seeley March/2019

Alison Carlton of Dan Woron is a OUTSTANDING agent. Unfortunately, I had a accident in 2017 prior to getting a Florida drivers license, Alison helped me find the perfect insurance rates for the best price in the PSL area!

Dan Cohen March/2019

I just changed my home insurance company, and after my escrow analysis, my escrow shortage dropped from $2,206.85 to $681.73... My monthly payments, even without paying off the shortage, have dropped by almost $400 per month!!!! No, this is not an advertisement. It's me telling all my friends that thought of changing your home insurance seems intimidating (especially if you have an escrow), it's totally worth it!!!! In case you'd like it, my new insurance agent helped me with all the steps. Her name is Barbie Prem, and her phone number is (772) 878-7276. Her email is

Teressa Colman February/2019

I am very happy that I have been reconnected with Barbie Perm.I have been knowing her since she started her career in insurance. A friend of mine spoke so highly of Angie but I wasn't comfortable was change at first but, after speaking with Angie and Barb they was very helpful. After calling back the next day with additional questions I spoke with Barb again and this is when we realized we knew each other. Not only did I change homeowners insurance, I also changed my auto insurance. I went into the office today and had the pleasure to meet everyone.I am a very please to be reunited with Barb. Thank you Mr.Dan Woron

Franceli Martinez February/2019

I went here by recommendation and it did not fail me. I had very little to work with and they exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend it. Thank you very much

Sammy Fit February/2019

Barbie really helped me get the best quote possible !! I wouldn’t go through anyone else !!! I am    so glad I met her ! She is unbelievable!!!!

Ricki Mils January/2019

From the front desk staff all the way to each and every agent in the office, especially Karen and Barbie I am 110% impressed with the service we have received from Dan Warons office each and every time. Thank you for keeping our premiums low and making the best of every experience.
Ricki and The Family

Tyler Grace July/2018

Barbie got me such a good deal I thought it was too good to be true! She was a huge help, very friendly and personable. Although it is hard to get a hold of her (shes so busy because shes THAT good) it's well worth the wait. I highly reccomend her for anyone looking to save tons on car insurance. Thanks again barbie!

Kathy Gagnon June/2018

I am a Realtor Century 21 Silva & Associates, Kathy Gagnon. For over 15 years I have shopped insurance quotes for my family, friends & clients. Barbie Prem, Insurance Agent, was referred to me by a Local Mortgage Lender, David Ebner, Eagle Home Mortgage. I have had great quotes on home, auto, flood, etc., excellent customer service and Dan Woron Insurance Agency is Number #1. I have had great results and continue to refer to everyone I can. --Thank You so much for assisting all with their insurance needs. With the additional savings on premiums, Dan Woron Ins. has put money back into the customer's pockets. Their Presentation and Quality of their Products are Tailored to their Clients. All the while, Dan Woron Ins., Barbie Prem, and Co. staff, continue to offer, Great Customer Service and Priority Protection---A True Model For Insurance Companies in Todays Market!

Anny A. June/2018

Had a great experience with Barbie, she helped us save so much money. I'm recommending her to everyone, even our family in Orlando.

William Slade June/2018

Myself and my girlfriend Kathy moved to Florida last year from South Carolina. Being new to the area we had know contacts or information on Doctors, Insurance agents ect... We were refereed to Barbie by our Realtor, and how happy we both are with her kind, friendly customer service. Barbie made everything so easy. We will continue to use Woron Insurance because of the personal and professional service we have received from Barbie. We have, and will continue to recommend Barbie and Woron Insurance to all of our family and friends.

Elaine Bowman June/2018

When my homeowner's insurance wrote and said they were not going to renew my policy, (because I own a pittie) I asked for recommendations on social media, in my area for a good homeowner's insurance company. As it turned out, one of my neighbors referred me to Dan Woron Insurance. I left a message for them and my call was returned the same day. Barbie was wonderful and after explaining my situation to her, she called me back with the best news. She found a company who would insure us despite the fact that we have a pitbull. She explained everything in detail and the best part was that my monthly premium would be less than what I was paying! I provided her with all the information that she needed. 

Fast forward to current date and I received a call that not only had she taken care of everything but the premiums were even less than what she first quoted me! I am saving around $300 a month on my mortgage insurance! I can't say enough about how personable and friendly Barbie is. She did tell me that she could also save me a lot of money on my car insurance. I have been with the same company for over 25 years and have always been very happy with them; however it is time for anyone to save money in any way possible. Unfortunately, I had just renewed my car insurance for six months but will most definitely call Barbie back when it is time to renew again. Thank you Dan Woron, thank you Joyce for recommending them and thank you Barbie for doing what you do!!!

Phaeton Shimeall June/2018

Barbie Prem has a passion for insurance and that is an understatement. Every so often you find a person that does what they are passionate about and when that happens they are the best at what they do, this is Barbie with insurance. So far I have seen a 50% reduction in my insurance price since I've began having Barbie shop my policies which is impressive by any standards. If she is not shopping your policies you are in the wrong place.

Kimberly Hartman May/2018

Barbie Prem is my number one choice for homeowners insurance! She is professional, hard-working, and very personable and definitely a shining star at Dan Woron Insurance. Barbie will make a dreaded chore like buying insurance much easier.

M. Borja March/2018

I was referred to Barbie Prem with Dan Woron Insurance Agency. Barbie has the knowledge and professionalism that made my choice to do business with her an easy one! Not only did she assist me in finding a great rate for my homeowners insurance, she also quoted me for auto insurance and saved my household a small fortune. If you love to save money while building strong relationships, I highly recommend calling Barbie Prem. Thanks you very much Barbie.!

Dawn Morales February/2018

I have worked with Barbie Prem for years. She is top notch and has always delivered impeccable service with great rates. I went to see her again, at the Dan Woron Insurance Agency because it was time for my homeowners renewal and she was able to cut my payment in half! Still a very satisfied customer!

Frank Chandler February/2018

We have been with Dan Woron Agency since we moved to Port St. Lucie. We have always had great service from everyone that works there. Just these past few months we needed help with our business insurance and rental property. Alison is a new addition and we received the service that we are accustomed to at the agency. It was a pleasure doing business with her.

Natalie Sanchez February/2018

I’ve been a client of Barbies since I received my learners permit over 15 years ago, there aren’t many agents who insure all of your family and friends and know your relationships and can still manage her work load. I know I’m always going to save with BARBIE, and be SAFE with BARBIE! What other agent in town will just call you because she legitimately wants to save you money? I can’t say enough about her.

Richard Morris February/2018

I needed Business Insurance for the company so I went to Dan Woron and hooked up with Alison Carlton. Wow, Alison took great care of me and I cannot say enough about her. She is great and I have moved the Company Truck commercial insurance to her firm and this month will move my personal auto ins. to her firm. What does that say about Alison? It says she is trustworthy, cares about her clients, will research the best price for you, and is genuine. A rare trait in the insurance industry.

Jed Cotterman January/2018

I cannot say enough about this insurance agency, furthermore, Barbie. She is the only one I have, and will ever get my insurance through!! PERIOD!! From my truck, motorcycle and boat, no one comes close to the rates and coverage she has provided.. If you don’t want to spend your time shopping around, just call Barbie!! I did and haven’t regretted it once in 15 yrs. Love her and trust her just as much!!

Tyler Netz January/2018

I recently began shopping for homeowners insurance and was referred to Barbie Prem with Dan Woron Insurance Agency. Barbie is one of those rare people who truly loves what she does. She has the knowledge and professionalism that made my choice to do business with her an easy one! Not only did she assist me in finding a great rate for my homeowners insurance, she also quoted me for auto insurance and saved my household a small fortune. If you love to save money while building strong relationships, I highly recommend calling Barbie Prem.

Leslie Hall January/2018

I have the pleasure of working with Barbie Prem. I have known Barbie since I first started driving 16 years ago. She has helped me in more ways then I can count. I highly recommend Dan Woron and Barbie. She has ALWAYS gotten me the lowest quotes on car insurance, even when it wasn't so easy for her. I can't say enough about her and I'm truly thankful for what she has done for me. I tell anyone who will listen about Barbie, which has resulted in all of my co-workers switching to Dan Woron because of her. And I'm pleased to say everyone is extremely happy. Thank you Barbie for everything you do.

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